Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A2 Preliminary Reflection

1. What did you find most challenging about recreating your chosen video and why? (remember to think about storyboarding, props, actors, filming, editing, finance)

The most challenging thing about recreating the music video was trying to get everyone together a the same time to film the video, as sometimes one person wasn't able to make the shoots, so we would have to postpone it until everyone could attend. It was also challenging to get all the correct props that matched the video, and to get the same costumes that were similar to the ones that were worn in the original music video. I think another thing that proved to be challenging was attempting to get the frame of the shot as perfectly accurate as possible.

2. What problems did you face whilst filming? (consider the logistics, could you get everyone together to film, did you have rehearsal time, were you able to frame your shots effectively, could you convincingly play/mime?)

Like before, getting everyone together at a certain time was a problem as people had other things that were needed to be attended to. Another problem we faced was that we were given around 90 minutes to film the video, but re-shoots and trying to get the shot as perfect ads possible took away the majority of that time. This meant we had to stay behind for another shoot on a different day that suited us all best. 

3. How did you overcome these problems? (did you alter shots/props, solve lighting issues etc?)

We mainly overcame this problem by getting into contact with each other so we could all agree on a time that suited us best, we then booked the room and were able to film our video. We also showed out teacher what we had filmed/edited so far and with his feedback we were able to go back and re-shoot certain shots that could have been altered to look better.

4. Which problems could you not overcome? (were some instruments harder than others to source, could you recreate the look of an artist, could you dress the set, were some shots impossible to emulate?)

We struggled to find a good set of drums to use in our video, we tried to improvise and used a huge tribal drum. However it didn't have the same effect that a normal set of drums would. We couldn't overcome thus problem, but we were still fortunate we found a replacement. 

5. What next steps are you going to take? (learn how to: film/edit/light/perform/makeup etc)

We will use what we have learnt from this preliminary task and from what feedback we have received from our teachers to make sure that the final video is as best as it can possibly be made.

Monday, 4 January 2016

To what extent does digital distribution affect the marketing and consumption of media products in the area of media you have studied?

Digital distribution has a huge effect on the marketing and consumption of films as it affects how people view the film and can also affect how successful a film is. Digital distribution makes viewing a film easier which creates a wider audience. The film can also be advertised internationally, creating an even bigger audience. 
Digital distribution means that films can be distributed to cinemas electronically and digitally. This is an advantage because it means that the film can be delivered to a further range of cinemas over a wider area. By distributing the films digitally it can be done quicker as the film doesn’t have to be driven to the cinema in big reels. As well as this it also means that more copies of the film can made and at a lower cost than the cans of film. Because more copies can be made it creates a bigger audience as the film can be shown at more cinemas. However digital distribution has some disadvantages, because a lot of the distribution is done on computers it means that people can illegally download or copy the film instead of paying to see it or paying to buy it. This means that companies lose out on money to the illegal industry.  
Ex machina was released in different areas at different times. This meant that more money had to be spent on marketing so that adverts could be kept running to keep up the advertising of the film. However this meant that because people were spending money watching the film at different times that the companies were making money before the film had been fully released. Ex machina later went on to be released in 3D and Blu-Ray, another digital distribution aspect that impacted how much money a film can make and how the product can be consumed. The more ways a film is released the more consumers the film will get. This is demonstrated through Ex Machina, it was released in many ways which meant there was something to suit everybody. 
Mad Max: Fury Road used digital distribution to its full potential through the use of advertising. Because Mad Max is best known for its brilliant visual affects it needed to use that as one of its selling points. For the audience to really know what the visuals are like, trailers and other advertising methods had to be used. This is important for a film like mad max because the audience had to actually see it for themselves online and on TV adverts before they could really understand the visuals. This had a positive impact on Mad Max: Fury Road because by spending money on online advertising they spread the word about the film which caused a lot of people to pay to see it, which in turn made the companies a lot of money. The franchise already had a huge fanbase to its name, so that also helped.
Kill List wasn’t distributed as much as the other films and didn’t use marketing as well. The trailer for Kill List clearly didn’t cost as much to make which could be why it didn’t do so well. Kill list wasn’t released in Blu-Ray or anything like that, which already limits its audience. Online Companies such as Netflix and LOVEFILM all help with marketing and distribution. Film companies can pay to get there films put on their website which widens their audience. This way of digital distribution has impacted the film industry massively, as viewing films online and on websites such as these is currently one of the most popular ways to view films. However positive feedback from Mark Kermode and Martin Scorsese helped give this film a little more attention.
To conclude I think that digital distribution and marketing makes a massive impact on the film industry as the film relies on this to help it get anywhere. Digital distribution has changed the way people now see films and can impact how much someone enjoys seeing a film. Films can now be seen in many different ways and this creates a lot more competition amongst the film industry. Advertising now plays a huge part in how successful a film will be.  

Friday, 11 December 2015

Kill List Essay

What impact does the media ownership have upon the range of products available to audiences in the media area that you have studied?

Media ownership is a part of film production and distribution. If the company owning the film is famous it will have more money to spend on making a film. Being so, they will be able to afford including huge A-list actors and have a wider budget to use to produce the film.
Kill List wasn’t very successful when it came to making its money back, however it received lots of praise from huge names in the business. People like Mark Kermode and the one and only Martin Scorsese praised the film and Director Ben Wheatley for his work. Kill List had a budget of £500,000 and made back £26,297. The production companies involved in the producing of Kill List were Warp X, Film4 Productions, Screen Yorkshire and the UK film council. The UK film council has now been abolished but a lot of their work has been passed to the British Film Institute. They made films like; The Kings Speech and 28 Days Later. These films were successful and helped the company become more recognised. Warp X was founded in 2005 and often produces feature films with budgets up to around £800,000 Warp X produced films like Hush and Donkey Punch; however these were not as popular. Film4 Productions have been recognised for making films like Seven Psychopaths and Starred Up.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a step ahead of Kill List when it comes to a huge film. With a huge budget of $150,000,000, A-list actors, super-advanced special effects and CGI, huge things were expected from the film originating from the 1979. George Miller produced the originals as well as producing the most recent addition; this was good news to Mad Max fans. The film received a huge amount of media attention as there were many questions of how similar the new film may be, media attention turned into free advertisement. The advertising campaign was huge for Fury Road, much larger than Kill List which is another reason that Mad Max was so much more successful, but we can’t forget that Mad Max was hugely supported financially, meaning it was inevitable that it would gain huge amounts of attention. Mad Max made back $153,629,485. The two main companies used in the production for Mad Max were Village road show pictures and Rat Pac dune entertainment. Village road show pictures are also recognised for making films such as The Great Gatsby, American Sniper and The Matrix. RatPac Entertainment have made films such as Avatar, Prometheus and The X Men films. They have also produced the highly anticipated Batman vs Superman film that releases in early 2016.

Ex-Machina was a surprise hit when it came to box office success, it wasn’t exactly a well-known film, but gained huge amounts of attention from critics and movie-goers once it was released. Ex-Machina proved that even films with less successful companies can still make their money back and create a successful film. The film attracted Sci-Fi fans which proved helpful as it helped grab a wider audience to help the film make its money back. Ex-Machina had a budget of $15,000,000 and amazingly made back $25,440,971. The film companies that produced Ex-Machina were; DNA Films and Film4 Productions. DNA films are known for making films like; Dredd and Far from the Madding Crowd. Film4 Productions made films like; 28 Days Later and Mr Turner. 

Kill List Research

Director: Ben Wheatley
Writers: Amy JumpBen Wheatley
Producer/Production company: Warp X, Rook Films
Actors: Neil Maskell, MyAnna Buring, Michael Smiley, Emma Fryer
Budget: £500,000
Box Office: £26,246
Screens shown on: 2 Screens
Marketing: Posters, Trailers.
SFX/CGI: Effects for blood and body parts
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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The British Film Industry

BBFC Logo.svgThe British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), is a non-governmental organization, founded by the film industry in 1912 and responsible for the national classification and censorship of films within the United Kingdom.

British Film Institute logo.pngThe British Film Institute (BFI) is a charitable organisation established by Royal Charter to encourage the development of the arts of film, television and the moving image throughout the United Kingdom, to promote their use as a record of contemporary life and manners, to promote education about film, television and the moving image generally, and their impact on society, to promote access to and appreciation of the widest possible range of British and world cinema and to establish, care for and develop collections reflecting the moving image history and heritage of the United Kingdom.

UK Film Council logo.png 
The UK Film Council (UKFC) was a non-departmental public body set up in 2000 to develop and promote the film industry in the UK. It was constituted as a private company limited by guarantee, owned by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, and governed by a board of 15 directors. It was funded from various sources including the National Lottery.

British Academy of Film and Television Arts logo.svg 
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) is an independent charity that supports, develops and promotes the art forms of the moving image – film, television and games. In addition to its annual awards ceremonies, BAFTA has an international, year-round programme of learning events and initiatives offering access to talent through workshops, masterclasses, scholarships, lectures and mentoring schemes in the UK and the USA.

British Council logo.svg 
The British Council is a British organisation specializing in international educational and cultural opportunities. It is registered as a charity both in England and Wales and Scotland. Founded in 1934 as the British Committee for Relations with Other Countries, and granted a royal charter by King George VI in 1940, the British Council was inspired by Sir Reginald ("Rex") Leeper's recognition of the importance of "cultural propaganda" in promoting British interests. Its "sponsoring department" within the United Kingdom Government is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, although it has day-to-day operational independence. Sir CiarĂ¡n Devane is its chief executive; he was appointed in July 2014 from Macmillan Cancer and replaced Sir Martin Davidson in January 2015.

Film4 Productions have recently made films like Ex-Machina, Seven Psychopaths, Starred Up and the Inbetweeners Movie 1 and 2. 

Entertainment One Films have recently made films like Sinister 2, Suite Franchise, the Insidious franchise, Dark Skies and The Woman in Black 2.

Working Title Films have recently made films like Legend, The Danish Girl, The Theory of Everything, Les Miserables and We Are Your Friends.

Bigtalk Films have recently made films like The World End, Attack the Block, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Cuban Fury.
Image result for warp films
Warp Films have recently made films like Four Lions, This is England, Submarine, 71 and Dead Man's Shoes.

Image result for pathe filmsPathe Films have recently made films like Selma, Beauty and the Beast, Mummy or Daddy, The Great Beauty and Two Brothers.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Examples of Different Sexuality in TV Dramas

Heterosexual Couple: In the US TV drama called My So Called Life, Jordan and Angela are a a couple, both being heterosexual. They are portrayed as the main character in this series.

Homosexual Couple: In the US TV drama called Two and a Half Men, Charlie Harper's lover called Chelsea has a father who is homosexual with another man. These two characters have small roles in the series.

Bisexual couple: In the US TV Drama called Orange is the New Black. The main character who is called Piper, was in a sexual relationship with this girl called Alex. But after this, she becomes in a relationship with this guy called Larry.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Representations Of Ethnicity

Jesse Pinkman is portrayed as a poor, white student in high school who preferred hanging out with his friends and smoking marijuana to studying. In the clip, he is shown to be sneaking out of a house to flee from the scene as the house is being raided by the DEA. This can give the idea that white teenagers are commonly represented to do drugs and get in trouble with the law.

In The Inbetweeners episode “The gig and the girlfriend” Jay and Neil try to buy some drugs off a dealer at a gig. This guy turns out to be black and then complains about how he is targeted by people as they believe he is a drug dealer. This can give the idea that black people are represented as drug dealers.

In the Walking Dead, Glenn Rhee is a Korean, he is portrayed as a strong character as he stands up for himself and can fight. This can give the idea that Korean people are represented as strong and are well trained fighters, this can also be stereotyped because of the amount of martial arts that happens in their society.